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Monthly Archives: December 2014

December 2014

The Rohani lab will welcome two new postdoctoral research associates in 2015.  Diego Ruiz-Moreno will join us in February and Toby Brett will arrive in March.

SIAM nuggets feature

Felicia’s paper in SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics was featured in SIAM nuggets.

Riolo & Rohani (2015; PNAS)

The manuscript by Riolo & Rohani on effective pertussis booster vaccination schedule is accepted for publication in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA.

Host-Parasitoids, again!

A paper by Riolo, Rohani & Hunter on the host-parasitoid population dynamics consequences of variation in plant quality is accepted in Oikos.

October 2014

More good news for Maria Riolo as she is awarded a Complex Systems postdoctoral research fellowship by the James S. McDonnell Foundation — congrats Maria!

September 2014

Pej attended a workshop at the White House on developing predictive models of dengue transmission.

August 2014

Many congratulations to Maria Riolo, who successfully defended her PhD dissertation in Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics! She will be joining the Pascual lab for a postdoc.

August 2014

Our paper, written with lab alumnus Benjamin Roche and collaborators John Drake, David Stallknecht and Trevor Bedford, on the drivers of avian influenza virus genetic diversity was published in PLoS Biology.

August 2014

Kevin Bakker presented his research on the latitudinal gradients in infectious disease seasonality at the annual Ecological Society of America meeting in Sacramento.

June 2014

The Rohani lab welcomes Veronika Bernhauerova, from the Czech Republic, who will be visiting for the next 3 months.