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  • All 2015 News Articles

    Polymicrobial interactions: Influenza and Pneumonia

    Polymicrobial interactions: Influenza and Pneumonia
    In the newly published paper by Shrestha et al., we use a mechanistic transmission model within a likelihood framework to infer the nature, strength and duration of the impact of influenza infection on subsequent risk of pneumonia.  We find evidence for a short-lived increase of ~100-fold in susceptibility to pneumonia following influenza infection.  Our collaborators...

    Magpantay et al. (2015; Parasitology)

    Magpantay et al. (2015; Parasitology)
    Felicia’s paper has been accepted in Parasitology, as part of a special issue on Modelling Infectious Diseases (edited by Andy Fenton, University of Liverpool).  In our paper, we used likelihood-based inference applied to mechanistic transmission models to quantify the impact of acellular pertussis vaccine using incidence data from regions of Italy.  

    Move to UGA

    Move to UGA
    The Rohani lab has moved to the University of Georgia.  Pej has appointments in the Odum School of Ecology and the Department of Infectious Diseases, College of Veterinary Medicine.

    Micaela’s PhD defense

    Congratulations to Micaela, who successfully defended her PhD dissertation!

    May 2015

    We are pleased to welcome Ana Bento, who is joining us from Imperial College, London.  Ana is a postdoctoral research associate and will be working on the epidemiology of pertussis

    Polio transmission ecology

    Micaela’s paper on the ecology of polio transmission was published in PLoS Biology.

  • All 2014 News Articles

    December 2014

    The Rohani lab will welcome two new postdoctoral research associates in 2015.  Diego Ruiz-Moreno will join us in February and Toby Brett will arrive in March.

    SIAM nuggets feature

    Felicia’s paper in SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics was featured in SIAM nuggets.

    Riolo & Rohani (2015; PNAS)

    The manuscript by Riolo & Rohani on effective pertussis booster vaccination schedule is accepted for publication in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA.

    Host-Parasitoids, again!

    A paper by Riolo, Rohani & Hunter on the host-parasitoid population dynamics consequences of variation in plant quality is accepted in Oikos.

    October 2014

    More good news for Maria Riolo as she is awarded a Complex Systems postdoctoral research fellowship by the James S. McDonnell Foundation — congrats Maria!

    September 2014

    Pej attended a workshop at the White House on developing predictive models of dengue transmission.

    August 2014

    Many congratulations to Maria Riolo, who successfully defended her PhD dissertation in Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics! She will be joining the Pascual lab for a postdoc.

    August 2014

    Our paper, written with lab alumnus Benjamin Roche and collaborators John Drake, David Stallknecht and Trevor Bedford, on the drivers of avian influenza virus genetic diversity was published in PLoS Biology.

    August 2014

    Kevin Bakker presented his research on the latitudinal gradients in infectious disease seasonality at the annual Ecological Society of America meeting in Sacramento.

    June 2014

    The Rohani lab welcomes Veronika Bernhauerova, from the Czech Republic, who will be visiting for the next 3 months.

    May 2014

    Pej received a collegiate chair by the College of Literature, Sciences and the Arts at the University of Michigan. The chair will be named after Pearl L. Kendrick, in recognition of her groundbreaking work on pertussis epidemiology and vaccine development.

    February 2014

    A lab paper on the latitudinal gradients in seasonal births and their consequences for infectious disease dynamics was published in Proceedings of the Royal Society of London.

  • All 2013 News Articles

    Summer 2013

    July: We’re pleased to welcome Felicia Magpantay and Matthieu Domenech, who will be joining the lab as postdoctoral research fellows to work on the NIH-funded project on pertussis. Felicia will be starting in August and Matthieu in September. June: The Rohani lab was sad to wave goodbye to two long-term members this summer. Sourya Shrestha...

    Winter 2013

    January: The Institute of Medicine published its report titles “The Childhood Immunization Schedule and Safety“.  Pej was a member of the panel that wrote the report.  See UM news service.








  • All 2012 News Articles

    Summer 2012

    September: Vicki’s paper, published in Biology Letters, concerning the potential impacts of climate change on avian influenza transmission in Delaware Bay has generated much media interest. See UM news service and Science Daily. June: Daniel Streicker’s paper on the effects of culling on rabies in Peruvian vampire bats is published in Proceedings of the Royal...

    Winter 2012

    April: Pej and Aaron receive 5 year grant from the National Institutes of Health to study pertussis (UM news service press release) . January: The lab welcomes Maria Riolo, who will be working towards her PhD under the joint supervision of Pej and Mark Hunter.  








  • All 2011 News Articles

    Autumn 2011

    November: Many congratulations to Daniel Streicker, who defended his PhD dissertation on the 21st! He will now continue his work on vampire bat rabies in Peru as a postdoc on his NSF grant.  

    Summer 2011

    August: The lab welcomes Liz Levin, who has enrolled into the PhD program in Epidemiology, as part of the Interdisciplinary Program in Infectious Diseases. She will be working on the transmission biology and genomics of pertussis. August: We welcome Jijun Zhao to the lab. Jijun will be working on Avian Influenza transmission in the US....

    Spring 2011

    January: We welcome Eli Goldwyn to the lab. Eli will be working on pertussis outbreaks in the US.





  • All Pre-2011 News Articles

    Autumn 2010

    November:  There was considerable interest in the paper by Rohani et al. on pertussis epidemiology.  See for example: Check out Aaron King’s interview on CBS news:  October:  Congratulations to lab Alum Matt Bonds (Harvard School of Public Health) who has just been awarded the prestigious Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Individual Fellowship from the National Institutes...

    Spring 2010

    August: Congratulations to Daniel for his recent publication: DG Streicker, AS Turmelle, MJ Vonhof, IV Kuzmin, GF McCracken, and CE Rupprecht (2010) Host Phylogeny Constrains Cross-Species Emergence and Establishment of Rabies Virus in Bats Science 329: 676-679. July: The Rohani lab welcomes Julie Blackwood who joins the lab as a postdoctoral research fellow. Julie, who...

    Autumn 2009

    September: The Rohani lab welcomes Xue Zhong and Sourya Shrestha as postdoctoral research fellows. Xue will be working on models of pertussis transmission and Sourya will be developing statistical inference methods for dengue. August: Congratulations to Benjamin, who has been offered a permanent position at UMMISCO (Center for Mathematical and Computational Modeling of Complex Systems),...

    Spring 2009

    June: Pej has accepted a position at the University of Michigan. His appointment will be in the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and the Center for the Study of Complex Systems. The Rohani lab will move to Ann Arbor in August.

    Autumn 2008

    October 30: We’re sad to say goodbye to Romulus Breban, who is leaving the US to take up a prestigious position at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

    Spring 2008

    July 30: The Rohani lab welcomes Benjamin Roche, who comes from long-term collaborator Jean-Francois Guegan’s lab in Montpellier. Benjamin will be working on the epidemiology of Avian Influenza Viruses and pertussis. July 7-9: Pej gives an invited talk at Transmission 2008, held at the University of Warwick, UK. May 5: We welcome Angela Romito to...

    Autumn 2007

    Nov 6: The Rohani lab welcomes Jerome Niogret, who is joining us from the University of Montpellier. Jerome will be working on the coevolutionary dynamics of the Plodia-Venturia system. Nov 4: The book by Keeling & Rohani titled Modeling Infectious Diseases is published by Princeton University Press. For more information or to download accompanying computer...

    Spring 2007

    July 9: Romulus Breban, currently a postdoc with Dr Sally Blower at UCLA, accepts to join the Rohani lab. Welcome Romulus. He will be working on the dynamics of Avian Influenza Viruses in North American Wildfowl populations, in collaboration with Dr Dave Stallknecht from SCWDS. June 27: Hanh successfully defended her Masters thesis — many...