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Polymicrobial interactions: Influenza and Pneumonia

In the newly published paper by Shrestha et al., we use a mechanistic transmission model within a likelihood framework to infer the nature, strength and duration of the impact of influenza infection on subsequent risk of pneumonia.  We find evidence for a short-lived increase of ~100-fold in susceptibility to pneumonia following influenza infection.  Our collaborators on this project include Cecile Viboud (Fogarty International Center, NIH), Betsy Foxman (Epidemiology, UMich) and … Continue Reading

Magpantay et al. (2015; Parasitology)

Felicia’s paper has been accepted in Parasitology, as part of a special issue on Modelling Infectious Diseases (edited by Andy Fenton, University of Liverpool).  In our paper, we used likelihood-based inference applied to mechanistic transmission models to quantify the impact of acellular pertussis vaccine using incidence data from regions of Italy.  

Polio transmission ecology

Micaela’s paper on the ecology of polio transmission was published in PLoS Biology.

SIAM nuggets feature

Felicia’s paper in SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics was featured in SIAM nuggets.

Riolo & Rohani (2015; PNAS)

The manuscript by Riolo & Rohani on effective pertussis booster vaccination schedule is accepted for publication in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA.

Host-Parasitoids, again!

A paper by Riolo, Rohani & Hunter on the host-parasitoid population dynamics consequences of variation in plant quality is accepted in Oikos.