Spring 2010

Spring 2010

August: Congratulations to Daniel for his recent publication:

DG Streicker, AS Turmelle, MJ Vonhof, IV Kuzmin, GF McCracken, and CE Rupprecht (2010) Host Phylogeny Constrains Cross-Species Emergence and Establishment of Rabies Virus in Bats Science 329: 676-679.

July: The Rohani lab welcomes Julie Blackwood who joins the lab as a postdoctoral research fellow. Julie, who has just finished her PhD with Alan Hastings at UC Davis, will be working on pertussis.

June: Congratulations to Daniel, who (together with Sonia Altizer, Pej Rohani & Chuck Rupprecht) has received a competitive grant from the National Science Foundation to continue with his studies of vampire bat rabies in Peru.

April: Benjamin has had a paper accepted this week:

Ottaviani D., de la Rocque S, Khomenko S., Gilbert M., Newman S., Roche B., Schwabenbauer K., Pinto J., Slingenbergh J. (2010) HPAI H5N1 virus in Europe survives during the winter at the cold limit of the migratory waterfowl distribution. EcoHealth.

April: Hearty congratulations to Micaela, who has been awarded an NSF Doctoral Fellowship and also a University of Michigan Rackham Merit Fellowship. She will work on the Arctic Fox for her PhD.

January: Benjamin gives a series of lectures in the newly formed French School of Public Health, in Paris.

February: The Rohani lab is delighted to announce two new additions. As of May 1st, we will be joined by Vicki Brown, from the University of Bath. Vicki will be a postdoctoral research fellow, working on the NSF funded project on Avian Influenza Viruses. Starting in July, we will be joined by Julie Blackwood, currently at UC Davis. Julie will be a postdoctoral research fellow working on pertussis.