February 2014

A lab paper on the latitudinal gradients in seasonal births and their consequences for infectious disease dynamics was published in Proceedings of the Royal Society of London.

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Summer 2013

July: We're pleased to welcome Felicia Magpantay and Matthieu Domenech, who will be joining the lab as postdoctoral research fellows to work on the NIH-funded project on pertussis. Felicia will…

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Winter 2013

January: The Institute of Medicine published its report titles "The Childhood Immunization Schedule and Safety".  Pej was a member of the panel that wrote the report.  See UM news service.

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Summer 2012

September: Vicki's paper, published in Biology Letters, concerning the potential impacts of climate change on avian influenza transmission in Delaware Bay has generated much media interest. See UM news service…

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Winter 2012

April: Pej and Aaron receive 5 year grant from the National Institutes of Health to study pertussis (UM news service press release) . January: The lab welcomes Maria Riolo, who…

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Autumn 2011

November: Many congratulations to Daniel Streicker, who defended his PhD dissertation on the 21st! He will now continue his work on vampire bat rabies in Peru as a postdoc on…

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Summer 2011

August: The lab welcomes Liz Levin, who has enrolled into the PhD program in Epidemiology, as part of the Interdisciplinary Program in Infectious Diseases. She will be working on the…

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Spring 2011

January: We welcome Eli Goldwyn to the lab. Eli will be working on pertussis outbreaks in the US.

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Autumn 2010

November:  There was considerable interest in the paper by Rohani et al. on pertussis epidemiology.  See for example: Science Daily – Contact among age groups key to understanding whooping cough spread and control MedPage…

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Spring 2010

August: Congratulations to Daniel for his recent publication: DG Streicker, AS Turmelle, MJ Vonhof, IV Kuzmin, GF McCracken, and CE Rupprecht (2010) Host Phylogeny Constrains Cross-Species Emergence and Establishment of…

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